Evercity featured as one of the top EU blockchain companies and Polkadot ecosystem members

2 min readFeb 23, 2021


Evercity has been nominated as a top blockchain company in the European Union by Daily Finance. Full article available here. The selection process was held in four main categories: innovation, including innovativeness of the project, ideas and path to the market; growth, including exceptional growth and growth strategy; management; and societal impact. We thank Daily Finance for this recognition and will continue to develop tech solutions for the EU green deal and recovery package execution.

Another mention came from PolkaProject which included Evercity into Overview of Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot is an open-source project, launched by the Web3 Foundation, that enables scalability by allowing specialized blockchains to communicate with each other in a secure, trust-free environment.

Evercity has used Polkadot and Parity Substrate tech for the development of the Smart Sustainable Bond (SSB) protocol, which is aimed at supporting the full lifecycle of sustainability linked bonds, from structuring to issuance and reporting. Within the ongoing proof of concept, the SSB protocol is used to issue a bond with floating interest rate that is linked to CO2 reductions from a 25 MW power plant of a vertically integrated solar power producer.

Listing page of Evercity platform. Filters available by region, SDGs, EU Taxonomy

This year the SSB protocol will have integration with IoT sensors to collect the impact data and calculate the interest rate automatically. This will significantly increase transparency and lower issuers expenses for such a complicated debt instrument opening it to small-scale projects in developing countries. The SSB protocol and pilot SDG bond issuances planned for 2021 will be presented at the global UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow in partnership with the UNFCCC-backed Climate Chain Coalition.