Carbon Footprint Italy and Evercity launched the first blockchain-based solution to store carbon footprint data

3 min readJun 24, 2020


The online app utilizes public blockchain technology to store the information on carbon footprint of products and organizations in CO2 equivalent preventing data tampering, bringing unprecedented transparency and trust into corporate climate action and its disclosure.

Digital passport of the product: general info, carbon footprint data, link to data in blockchain

The application developed by Evercity Lab using DAO IPCI and allows Carbon Footprint Italy to be the first worldwide programme to store the information on GHG emissions related to products and organizations on blockchain ensuring transparency and preventing data tampering.

In the application, clients and partners of Carbon Footprint Italy can see digital passports of products and organizations which contain general information, as well as data on carbon footprint and verification certificate. The data is kept in a decentralized storage IPFS (Interplanetary file system), and the hashes of the data are put into the public Ethereum blockchain. Each passport contains the links to blockchain explorer Etherscan, which proves that the transaction has been made on blockchain, and the data cannot be altered. Being just the first step in cooperation, the project has a great potential for scaling and adding carbon offsetting functions.

“There is a growing number of companies committed to mitigate the GHG emission related to their products or organizations. The reliable traceability of the effective achievement of these targets requires a solid and transparent monitoring system overtime”, states Daniele Pernigotti, Director of Carbon Footprint Italy. “CFI decided to adopt the blockchain technology to make available to the public unmodifiable high-quality data and information on the carbon footprint of products and organizations over time, to allow the real traceability of the established mitigation target achievements. We believe that the introduction of the blockchain will give a very significant improvement in terms of transparency and accountability of the established target for the transition to a low carbon economy.

“This unique project is another step in the commercial adoption of blockchain technologies in the carbon markets and climate action! Pioneering the world’s first carbon credit blockchain transaction in 2017, we are happy to witness that today digital transformation became the leading trend and key to success.” — Alexey Shadrin, co-founder of Evericty, DAO IPCI

About participants:

Carbon Footprint Italy is the Italian programme dedicated to communicate the results of the carbon footprint of products and organisations and their reductions. Companies and products registered in the Programme Operator Carbon Footprint Italy can use a specific mark developed for each different mode of participation in the programme for the communication of their GHG emission values ​​or reduction. In this way it is possible to communicate in a simple, rapid and effective manner the outcome of Carbon Management actions.

Evercity and it’s dedicated development branch Evercity Lab utilize the power of industry 4.0 technologies to build innovative tech solutions for enhanced climate action and fulfilment of UN sustainable development goals. Since 2011, Evercity team has worked with UN agencies, multinationals, governments, cities, banks, impact funds & NGOs to help them build tech solutions that accelerate the attainment of UN SDGs on the global scale.

DAO IPCI helps measure and mitigate environmental damage of economic activities and aims at boosting global investments in green assets. The protocol is supported by Evercity, and Russian Carbon Fund, as well as other contributors worldwide. In 2020, DAO IPCI started its migration to Parity Substrate technology.

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