Smart Sustainable City Hack kick-started cooperation between digital innovators, cities and corporations

Following Smart Sustainable City Hack, Evercity hosted three Demo Days where teams of innovators presented their solutions and explored opportunities for cooperation with strategic partners — EDF, leader in low-carbon electricity generation, and VEB.RF, largest investment company and main development institute in Russia. More than 10 cities also expressed interest in piloting solutions.

Winning teams of Smart Sustainable City Hack: Mar(s)ginali, KORUM and Air Force

From May 31 to June 2, Evercity held Smart Sustainable City Hackathon aimed at finding innovative solutions for energy, transportation and smart city management. Hackathon was supported by Russian Ministry of Construction, major financial development institution VEB.RF, national energy market regulator Market Council and multinational energy companies Fortum and EDF. Participants implemented advanced AI, IoT and blockchain technologies, including Web3 technology Polkadot Substrate.

In 48 hours, participants from across Russian including students of leading tech universities such as MIPT solved three cases:

  • verification of green energy generation and issuance of green certificates on blockchain
  • optimization of urban traffic and fuel consumption using ML algorithms
  • integration, management analysis of data from multiple urban systems.

Winners of each track received money prizes, as well as an opportunity to present their solutions at the exclusive pitch sessions for hackathon partners. In the aftermath of the hack, EDF and VEB.RF hosted three demo days aimed at exploring further opportunities for cooperation with innovators.

EDF Demo Day (part 1): teams Air Force, Absolute and Hype Train presented to EDF and EIFER

On June 27, teams who solved the case of EDF at Smart Sustainable City Hack and preceding Energy Blockchain Hack showcased their solutions to foreign guests — Pascal Terrien, director of European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER) and Alberto Pasanisi, manager of the group “Smart Sustainable Cities”. Teams demonstrated their solutions for stimulating usage of electric vehicles and for optimizing traffic using environmental data.

EDF Demo Day (part 2): Demonstration of Alphalogic, platform for smart city management

On June 28, EDF and EIFER representatives attended the second Demo Day, where Evercity technical partners demonstrated even more advanced smart city solutions. The event was held in Skolkovo Innovation Center, also known as Russian Silicon Valley. Symmetra, portfolio company of Evercity holding, showcased Alphalogic — its platform for smart city management — a software which integrates multiple sources of data and solutions for smart cities. As an example of such a solution, Evercity team demonstrated how Renewable Energy Certificates generated on a Skolkovo-based solar power station are issued on a blockchain platform.

Demo Day at VEB.RF: teams KORUM, Absolute and Mar(s)ginali presented to VEB.RF vice-president

Held on July 31, pitch session at VEB.RF brought together best teams of each track, as well as technical partners of Evercity — Aerostate and AI solutions provide — Knowledge Genesis. Aerostate, provider of software for air quality monitoring and predicting, presented their successful cases of implementation in cities all over the world, and Knowledge Genesis, leading AI developer in Russia, spoke about multi-agent technologies for optimization, scheduling and allocating resources in real time.

In addition to hackathon partners, more than 10 Russian cities also expressed considerable interest to the solutions developed at the hackathon. With that in mind, in Autumn we are planning to extend the initiative beyond Moscow and host Smart Sustainable City Accelerator in multiple cities in Russia and around the world.

If you are interested in partnering with the initiative, feel free to contact us!