Evercity won Ecosystem Best Practice award at ITU Innovation Challenge

Selected as an Ecosystem Best Practice at ITU Innovation Challenge, Evercity Platform was presented at Young ICT Leaders’ Forum in Busan, South Korea. This event created new opportunities for partnership between Evercity and innovative ICT ecosystems stakeholders present in the Smart City Busan.

The Young ICT Leaders’ Forum (YILF) is an annual event where young entrepreneurs and future policymakers meet to learn and collaborate, share experiences, build their network, and develop the skills needed to pitch their ideas to investors and potential clients. This event was co-organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the lead United Nations agencies for the ICTs, Busan Metropolitan City, and the Busan IT Promotion Agency.

The sixth edition of the event, with theme “Mind the gap: Sustainability and Impact in Smart Cities”, explored best practices nurturing ecosystems conducive to smart cities development. Evercity was the only selected winner in CIS region and was recognized for: 1) Enabling innovators to develop ICT-centric solutions that can be globally recognized and scale 2) addressing a clearly identified ecosystem gap in the community.

Evercity, a Smart Sustainable City ecosystem, has always shared the global vision of ITU on strengthening ecosystems that nurture ICT innovations, and had positive experience of partnership on this agenda at the regional level. In 2018, Evercity helped Kazakhstan capital Nursultan (former Astana) to become a smart sustainable city under ITU initiative United 4 SSC. A year later, as a winner of the ITU Innovations Challenge, Evercity was able to build new partnership with stakeholders present at the Forum.

Innovations Challenges is a competition launched by ITU in order to help young leaders facilitate digital transformation and build innovation capabilities in their countries through ecosystem building opportunities. This year, Evercity was chosen among the leaders in Ecosystem Best Practice Challenge and presented its project — digital platform for impact measurement, management and investment — at Young ICT Leaders’ Forum. The event was held in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea which was declared a partially “regulation-free” zone for blockchain just a month before the Forum.

Joint work at the Forum with other young leaders from developing countries revealed that all developing countries share the same problem in their ICT innovation ecosystem: even though there are solutions available and stakeholders interested in deploying them, there is no common platform that can bring together local governments, cities, startups, and corporations to develop and deploy innovations. This is why the ITU offers this knowledge sharing and networking for collaboration in order to accelerate Digital Transformation of communities.

At the event we made the first ever public presentation of our innovative product that Evercity has been working on since its early days — digital platform for impact measurement, management and investment. The integration of blockchain and smart contracts with AI and networks of smart sensors, drones, and satellite data allows to bring unprecedented transparency, accountability and liquidity solving the main problems of the impact investment market. We also presented Smart Sustainable City Hack as an innovative ecosystem-building event — this format gained large support from the international ICT community.

Evercity CEO, Alexey Shadrin: “We are building a blockchain-based platform for impact investment with Industry 4.0 and WEB 3 tech integration in order to accelerate finance flows into projects and innovations needed to attain Sustainable Development and Paris Agreement goals within our lifetime. Our secret sauce is Ecosystem approach: we surround ourselves with a network of high-tech companies benefiting from synergy. To increase our ecosystem we organize hackathons & partner with cities, international bodies, investors and R&D centers.”

At the final day of the Forum participants explored the heart Busan Smart City Ecosystem — a platform for city management which unites various solutions on mobility, healthcare, security and environmental monitoring. We saw that the platform has many intersections with solutions of Evercity ecosystem and launched a dialogue to explore cooperation opportunities. As a key takeaway from the forum, Evercity looks forward to contributing to ITU’s works on connecting ecosystems through further consultation and engagement in the development of sustainable ICT-centric innovation ecosystems that can help communities around the world.