Evercity Meets with ASEAN Secretary-General

In 2020 Evercity has intensified its activities in the South-East Asian region. On February 4, we were presented with a great opportunity to discuss the details and relevance of the planned projects with senior representatives of ASEAN.

Evercity CEO Alexey Shadrin with ASEAN Secretary General HE Dato Lim Jock Hoy during his visit to MGIMO University

During his visit to Moscow, ASEAN Secretary-General Dato Lim Jock Hoi and his team responsible for the implementation of ICT policies had a conversation with the Evercity team on several topics. As a result we found out that developing interstate and public-private cooperation on smart and sustainable innovations is of high priority to ASEAN. We were also delighted to hear that ASEAN officials share Evercity’s integral approach on dealing with sustainability issues and consider the development of smart cities, green financing and digitization altogether as equal components of the efforts aimed at attaining SDGs.

Plans for ASEAN in 2020–2021

In the upcoming months Evercity is about to officially launch an exciting project with the support of ASEAN fund to help attract sustainable financing in the region with the use of digital technologies. The project is dedicated to research of the potential for application of Industry 4.0 technologies for unlocking sustainable finance in South East Asia. It includes a pilot project for impact measurement, management and investment to illustrate the results of the research. The results will be presented to ASEAN representatives from government, municipalities and international organizations as well as business and investors active in the region.

P.S. We are looking for potential pilot opportunities in agricultural, energy and digital green finance sectors in the ASEAN region, so if you are interested feel free to apply: info@evercity.io

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