Digital SDG Accelerator opens call for proposals!

The presentation of Digital SDG Accelerator took place on June 16 within Eurasian Union Day at 5-th annual SDG week. The event was attended by 300 visitors while the speakers included the vice-president of Russian National Development Corporation Denis Unzhakov and director of ITU Regional Office for CIS Natalia Mochu.

For the first time, the accelerator will bring together business and innovation communities in Eursian Union countries to accelerate deployment of innovative digital technologies for anti-crisis recovery and transition to sustainable growth based on UN SDGs.

The accelerator is organized by Evercity with the support of infrastructural partner Russian National Development Corporation, as well as International Telecommunications Union, UN Global Compact Russia, Russian Carbon Fund, CSR Central Asia and more that 20 leaders of the innovative ecosystem in EAEU countries!

Our call for proposals is open for digital projects on MVP/product stage which help in achieving UN SDGs and recovering from the economic crisis.

Participants will get an opportunity to:

  • Pilot their solution with corporate partners of the Accelerator;
  • Include their solution into the catalogue of 100 best digital SDG solutions of Eurasion Union and receive international PR on UN events;
  • Get support from Accelerator partners (including financial, expert, legal etc);
  • Join the open letter to EAEU countries’ leaders on including SDGs into national recovery plans. Letter (in Russian) —

Natalia Mochu, Director, ITU Regional Office for CIS: “We suppored the idea of Accelerator because this initiative is in line with our vision on two fronts: the first one is SDGs which underlie our activities, and the second is innovative development and digital technologies.”

Denis Unzhakov, Vice President of Innovations and Digital Economy Unit of VEB: “We are now restoring the economy after the pandemic, and digitization might become a driver for recovery. We are ready to consider the projects for further support by the whole group of VEB institutions and hope that the Accelerator will result in the real pilot projects which will become a model for many corporations and will be scaled up later.”

Partners and international community of the Accelerator

The accelerator is a continuation of Evercity’s cooperation with the International Telecommunications Union within the United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities initiative, as well as ITU Innovation Challenge. In September 2019 Evercity became the winner of ITU Ecosystem Best Practice award with the concept of accelerator.

This partnership will benefit from ITU’s expertise in innovation-based programming, for example, the ITU Smart Incubator that promotes standardization as a way to achieve innovation. Intended for start-ups or SMEs using frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), the ITU Smart Incubator enables innovation by having a start-up or SME implement standardization in its early days.

Other members of the Organizing Committee and partners include: Techstars Russia, Russian Carbon Fund, Fintech Lab, Sustainable Development Solutions Network Russia, UN Global Compact Russia, ITPO UNIDO Moscow, NCPC Russia, Russia Donors Forum, Rosinfocominvest, Orbita Capital, Ecoproject (Belarus), Green Network (Belarus), Green Academy (Kazakhstan), Climate Partnership of Russia, Sustainable Development Week, Prostoe Delo, Innovation Cluster of Nazarbayev University NURIS (Kazakhstan), ANO “TUR” etc.

About organizer

Evericty specializes in consultancy in digital transformation, as well as search and implementation of best Russian technologies for smart sustainable cities. Evercity is also providing IT development services and building a digital platform for impact measurement, management and investment which aims to increase financing of projects and innovations required to attain UN SDGs.

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