Digital green bond pilot of Evercity platform announced at “Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership”

On March 19, 2020, international conference «Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership» was held in Moscow

More than 100 participants and 27 speakers from Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa, and India discussed the strengthening of trade and investment cooperation, enhancing finance for sustainable development and digitalization trends. The conference was partly held in online mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his speech during the «Digital economy as a new direction of economic cooperation of the BRICS countries” panel, Evercity CEO Alexey Shadrin described the new global trend — the mergence of digital finance and SDG impact investment as well as risks and practical implications of this trend for BRICS countries (video available here).

Evercity CEO Alexey Shadrin presenting at the forum, which was partly held online due to the pandemic

The pilot planned for Q2 2020 was announced by the Vice-president for digital innovations of the Russian National Development Bank Denis Unzhakov in his key-note speech. The pilot implies issuance of a programmable green bond on Evercity blockchain platform with the integration of IoT-based monitoring and utilization of Web3 tech. More details to be revealed soon after the signing of MOU with all participants.



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