Bizerte 2020: smart sustainable Africa

Evercity continues the series of notes about small cities that are to become smart and sustainable alongside with some of the world’s major centers.

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In April 2018 the third meeting of United for Smart and Sustainable (U4SSC) initiative acknowledged Bizerte as a city, compliant with ITU standards, putting it on the same list with Singapore.

Bizerte is the seventh largest city in Tunisia with 143,000 inhabitants.

“Tunisia 2020” initiative has set am ambitious goal to make Bizerte a leader of smart cities movement in Tunisia and one of the most innovative cities in Africa. Bizerte’s authorities are focused on several areas of development that will make the city more sustainable and (as a bonus) more attractive as a touristic and business location:

  1. Renewable energy

In March 2018 Tunisia announced its intentions to invest $5 billion in electricity and energy projects in 2018–2020. A private incubator, dedicated to start-ups in renewable energy field was created in 2017

2. Preservation of natural resources

One of the main focuses is the the reduction of liquid and solid waste and air emissions around the Lake of Bizerte

3. Infrastructure

The construction of the new Pont de Bizerte bridge, designed to connect the Sidi Hamad region to the city of Bizerte at Beni Nafaa, became a flagship project of Tunisia’s plan to optimize urban traffic levels and to reduce air pollution.

4. International investments

Bizerte is a great example a comprehensive approach to the creation of a smart sustainable city that is being successfully carried out despite recent uneasy economic situation in the region.

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